About TileDB, Inc.

TileDB is a disruptive technology for storing and managing enormous volumes of structured data. TileDB efficiently stores structured data from a variety of applications (genomics, finance, imaging, LiDAR, etc) in a novel unified format as sparse or dense multi-dimensional arrays. Users store their data in a single place, while being able to efficiently access it via a growing range of languages and environments (C/C++, Python, R, SQL database engines). TileDB adopts the best ideas from columnar and spatial database research, supporting fast updates, excellent compression, and interoperability with cloud object storage backends.

TileDB, Inc. has raised $4M in total seed funding and is looking to aggressively expand its team. The new members of TileDB will help us build out a solution to enhance cloud interoperability, compute on TileDB data more easily, and improve areas such as data consistency, access control and sharing. We plan to deliver a service to enable users and organizations to easily share and monetize access to their data, and to provide a platform for unique capabilities such as serverless computation and distributed SQL queries as a service.

TileDB GitHub organization: https://github.com/TileDB-Inc

TileDB has been featured on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15547749

Our headquarters are located in Cambridge, MA. The candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents located in the US.

Current openings